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Series Review: Turner & Hooch, Producer: Matt Nix, 2021

Actor Josh Peck was cast as Scott Turner after the successful 1989 film of the same name starring Tom Hanks and Beasley the dog.

The charming series "Turner and Hooch" is a kind of sequel to the movie. It appeared on Disney Plus in 2021. Turner (Josh Peck) and his frantic sister Laura (Lindsay Fonseca) try to solve the mystery of the death of their policeman father, who died in the woods near his car from a heart attack. They discovered that he had researched something great, but had not completed it and they felt that they must continue his path. Laura has a son named Matthew (Jeremy Maguire), 8 years old, who loves Hooch very much and volunteers to help Scott and his mother with the mystery of the father. Who joins them is Laura's divorcee and Matthew's father Grady Garland (Paul Campbell), who helps them and eventually helps in the search for the missing Scott.

Scott Turner serves as a deputy sheriff, and receives his father's dog, Hooch, a large and bitter dog, who emerges like a storm and destroys everything in his path. At first he despairs of him, but after Hooch helps him solve mysteries with his canine senses, he comes to the conclusion that he has no better partner than him.

Scott's partner is Jessica Baxter (Kara Peterson), who is heavily pregnant. At first they work together in an excellent combination, but when an office job is accepted, she recommends Xavier Watkins (Brandon J. McLaren), who has worked in the office for many years, but due to his strangeness no one wants to work with him. Scott begins to work with him, and turns out to be a brilliant and pleasant person, with enormous knowledge and they work well together.

Helping Scott with Hooch is Erica Monier (Vanessa Langis), a great dog expert and owner of her own dog. She explains to him the ropes of Hooch's behavior, works at a dog training facility that trains dogs for marshals, is a friend of Jessica's and secretly has a crush on Scott. Scott is in love with Brooke (Becca Tobin), a daughter of a rich family, who tries to help Scott, but can't stand Hooch and tries to get Scott to get rid of him. In the end he breaks up with her and prefers Hooch over her.

The series ends with the discovery of the truth and the real criminal. We won't reveal the spoiler, but it is said that of course the good guys won. There is a cheerful and happy wedding of Javier and his police officer wife, who also helped them several times, Olivia (Cristina Rosato). Scott and Erica bond as well as Hooch.

A charming series for teenagers and adults. It has humor, tension, human love. They show there how humanity wins and the good people discover the truth and the bad are punished.


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