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Series Review: Virgin River, Season 2, 2020

The series "Virgin River" is back for a second season, intriguing and no less good than the previous one. It ends with several mysteries, which require a third season. It has not been decided yet, but it is committed.

For those who have not seen the first season, we will summarize it briefly: Melinda (Mel) Monroe (Alexandra Brackenridge), a specialist nurse living in Los Angeles, enters a crisis in her life, after her husband was killed and she lost her daughter in a quiet childbirth. Mel answers an ad for a nursing job in a small town called Virgin River, a place completely different from what she knew, and decides to move there.

The place is small, but the happenings there would not embarrass a big city. Every person who appears is full of different problems. At first the doctor - Dr. Vernon Mullins (Tim Matheson) is not ready to accept Mel, later treats her with disdain, until he becomes aware of her skills and she becomes his friend and right-hand man.

In the first season, we met other characters who will accompany us in the second season as well: Hope (Annette O'Toole), the energetic mayor, Pritcher (Colin Lawrence), Paige (Lexa Doig) and her son Christopher (Chase Petrio), Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Guernsey) and more.

Mel meets Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), who was a soldier in Afghanistan and returned with battle shock, and a romance develops between them. Before meeting Mel, Jack was in a relationship with Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hamersley). At the end of the first season it turns out that Charmaine is pregnant with Jack. Mel decides to return to Los Angeles. The second season includes 10 fascinating episodes and dizzying events. I will try to describe part according to the characters that appear:

Jack and Mel - As mentioned, Mel is back in Virgin River and everyone welcomes her with great joy. The one who is not happy is Charmaine, Jack's pregnant ex. But, it turns out that Charmaine's pregnancy is high risk and in addition it turns out that she has twins in her womb and Mel specialized in high risk pregnancies, so she has no choice but to accept her.

Jack and Mel are attracted to each other and fall in love. Jack tells Charmaine that he will also take care of the twins, but will not live with her or marry her. Charmaine still tries to attract Geek and hopes that he will return to her, but when it becomes clear that this will not happen, she asks to stay away from him.

Mel's sister-in-law arrives and asks her for the engagement ring she got from her ex-husband Mark (Daniel Gillis). But, Mel is not going to do this and leaves angrily. When the anniversary of Mark's death arrives, Mel celebrates it alone, but with Jack, Hope (Annette O'Toole) and Vernon.

Jack gets involved with a criminal group that wants to sell dangerous drugs. At their head is Calvin (David Cubitt). Jack confronts this group and Calvin. He reports to the police and they end up being caught and arrested. We will not finish all the spoilers, because this is a series very worth watching. But, the season ends when Mel, who had made an appointment with Jack at his house for dinner, gets there and finds him shot in the stomach, lying on the floor. She of course immediately takes care of him. But the obvious question here: Who shot Jack Sheridan?

Hope and Dr. Vernon - In the first season, we met Hope and Vernon as a married couple who quarreled. They meanwhile decided to reconcile, but want to keep their reconciliation a secret. Vernon likes Muriel (Trill Rotary), who is interested in him. Hope convinces him to go out and meet you in order to hide their developing relationship. In the end Vernon tells Muriel the truth, he travels to Seattle, mends Hope's old engagement ring and proposes to her and she accepts. Vernon, who has been undergoing medical tests, tries at the end of the last episode to say something important to Hope, but it turns out that their friends surprised them At the party celebrating your return to the marriage framework and we don't know what his secret is. We have to wait for the third season.

John (Pritcher) Middleton and Paige Lassiter - we met them in the first season. Pritcher served with Jack in the army and now works with him in the bar and serves as a cook. He fell in love with Paige, who ran away from her corrupt cop husband Wes, and currently lives with her son Christopher (Chase Petrio) in Virgin River and sells pastries. Wes unexpectedly returns and beats Paige and threatens her to come with him and their son. Paige accidentally pushes him down the stairs and he is killed. Paige calls Pritcher and he asks that they leave immediately to another country and he will be fine. It is not clear exactly what he did with the body, but he lived all the time in fear that it would be found in the forest. One day Wes's twin brother, also a police detective, arrives and threatens Pritcher. Paige's friend comes to him and brings Christopher to watch over him..

Here too there is a triangle, as Pritcher knows a girl who comes from Los Angeles, Jamie (Carmel Amit), a bar owner who wants to convince him to come to San Francisco to work as a bar cook. He's already committed, but what will he do now that Christopher is back?

There are many more subplots. The series is worth watching. A third season is already brewing, which will answer the many open questions left by the second season.


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