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senior citizens  - Statistical data

What is the defined number of people in Israel  In the status of "senior citizen "?
Slightly more than a million senior citizens

How many are 75-plus years old?
437,000 [about 40%]

Are the senior citizens married?
Less than two-thirds of senior citizens are married [about 60%]

Corona deaths
Deaths from the corona of people aged 70 plus and over reached 10% of all deaths in August 2020.

How many graduated with a degree or academic certificate from higher education institutions?
In 2018/2019
  Finished  222 residents aged 65 and over

How many are still working?
Less than a quarter [about 22.2%]

What is the gross income of 65-plus households?
About 16,000 NIS.

What are the sources of this income?
From work - about 40%
Pension and provident funds - about 25%
Allowances and supports about 25%
Capital about 8%

How many people aged 65 and over are active athletes?
About 5.0% (6,185 athletes) of all athletes in Israel were aged 65 and over.


The data according to the CBS publication for the year 2009/10 (2018/19) 

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