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Series review: Bring the blow, Dan Gore, 2024

In the United States, money is an existential matter, a person who does not have a penny in his pocket will probably find himself at the bottom of the barrel. There are really no social conditions and the gaps between the upper class and those who struggle to make ends meet are only growing. To bring the blow, touches this sore spot in a comical and cynical way, but without a doubt very biting and critical.

When you are born into a certain socio-economic circle, it is very difficult to get out of it. You have to do extreme things, to climb the stairs and get to a better place. Dan Gore tells a story with an allegorical meaning, about a security guy who tries to get a loan from the bank for a brilliant idea that no one wants to give him a chance. Craig Robinson begs to be given a loan of $20,000, a relatively small amount, for special strawberry juice grown only in California that helps the prostate. His brother robs the branch where he works which results in his dismissal and he is forced to take an Uber driven by the Australian Jillian. She tells him about a competition to catch pythons with a prize of 20 thousand dollars and because everything is getting crazy.

Robinson gives a role, excellent as the reasonable person who has to deal with a bunch of crazy types. Florida is full of extreme people, each of which is a comedy act in itself. The work is biting without any moral judgement, everyone follows the rules and behaves in a beastly and uninhibited manner. This leads to a lot of surprising comedic situations that you won't find in other comedy series. There is no doubt that the first season presents an absolutely crazy, original story that is hard to even imagine, who thinks of a competition to catch snakes to grow trees that pamper the male prostate.

The second season is also coming to us and it places the two heroes, after they won the money and started to set up the business. They get involved with a bunch of mobsters with great morals and she is even crazier and funnier than the first one. It dives into the criminal world of Florida and it also includes the hallmark of the area and these are giant alligators. Those who are willing to invest a little thought and enjoy an original comedy that does not account for its heroes and the audience, are expected to have a delightful journey through the swamps of Florida, large and crazy mansions in a good section

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