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Designation of the site 
Website  Below "The Site" is intended for surfers who are looking for information about culture, roots, seniors, finances, history, business, and other information tangent to 50-plus-year-olds and others. The site may enrich the knowledge of surfers who are interested in these topics and other topics related to its content. The site may offer products for sale to its users
Use of the site

Any use of the site by surfers or anyone on their behalf hereinafter "users", whether directly or indirectly, will be subject to the conditions set out below including: duplication of copying, distribution, transfer, sale, publication, modification, etc.

All rights in the site and in the information published on it are reserved to the site and its owners and / or to a third party  And may not be used in any way without the express prior written consent. Works by rights holders published on the site belong to their owners and are strictly prohibited from being used commercially or otherwise. Use of the site is subject to the user's consent to all the rules of this policy without conditions and reservations. A user who does not accept any of the terms of the Terms may not use the Site.
Contents and Terms of Use

The site reserves the right to change the structure of the site, its contents, form, update and / or add categories, occupations, content, products, publications, regulations, graphics and / or design that appear on it and make any changes to any activity and / or content implied therefrom At its sole discretion, and without any need for prior notice to users. It is hereby agreed that no malfunction resulting from such a change will be imputed to the site's obligation, and its occurrence will not establish for the users any cause of action, or any demand towards  The site, its administrators, owners or anyone on their behalf.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby declared that for the purpose of operating the site it uses and uses various factors that provide various services such as communication lines, storage, delivery, courier, advertising, data storage and "cookies", integrity and integrity of information, retrieval, and more.

The users of the site agree that these services are not under the control of the site, its administrators, its owners  Or anyone on their behalf, and therefore there will be no reason to claim against the Site, its administrators, owners or anyone on its behalf in the event of any disruption, improperness, unavailability of causing damage directly or indirectly, or for any other reason.

Information, advertisements and any details on behalf of the users of the site or on behalf of any third party are not the responsibility of the site. The owners of the information that is published and those who acted on their behalf to transfer the information to the site are solely responsible for this content, their form, reliability, accuracy and distribution, keeping copies of them, and any other activity resulting from their publication, including causing deception, disruption or any damage.

The site does not undertake in any way to adapt the services to the needs of each person and / or user. The user will not have any claim, claim, or demand towards the site regarding the quality and essence of the information, and its quality, style or form,  And / or towards the services and products advertised on the site.

The user hereby waives any claim and / or claim and / or demand as aforesaid against the site and / or against anyone on his behalf. The use of all published services, products and information is done at the sole and complete responsibility of the user.

In any case, the site will not be liable for any damage, including direct and / or indirect and / or accidental and / or consequential damage, resulting from the use of services and / or any information, content, services or products advertised on the site.

Any information or advertising uploaded by the user, and / or any other activity towards the site and / or other surfers and which will result in damage and damage to the site, other users, suppliers or any third party, including financial damage, loss of profits, loss of reputation and the like , Will be credited to the advertiser and / or user.

Users and advertisers hereby undertake to language and compensate the site  And / or another user and / or supplier and / or third parties in any expense incurred by them in respect of the said advertising damages, including attorney's fees, fees and all legal expenses.

If the activity of the site and / or its various services is terminated, some or all of them together, for any reason, whether initiated by the site or not, it is hereby declared and agreed that the site will not be liable for direct or indirect damages and / or losses caused to users of the site. Its suppliers or any third party.

Users hereby understand and agree that there is no link to other sites or other information including advertisements, to indicate any responsibility of the site  To the contents and / or intentions and / or activities of the linked site.

The user has a duty to upload only legal content that also meets the rules of fairness and ethics. It is strictly forbidden to upload content that could harm the public's feelings and beliefs, the privacy of the individual or the dignity and privacy of the individual (it will be clarified that where the regulations refer to the "public", the reference is also to individuals). It is strictly forbidden to deceive intentionally, except to speak  Bad or post false information. It is strictly forbidden to distribute computer files and / or viruses that may harm and / or interfere with users of the site and / or the Internet and / or other users. It is strictly forbidden to use the information provided by the site for the purpose of distributing spam or the like. It is strictly forbidden to impersonate another, and / or publish any content that may directly or indirectly constitute a cause of action and / or a violation of the laws and laws of the State of Israel or one that encourages the performance of the said things.

A user who performs a prohibited action under this section, bears full and exclusive responsibility for the results of his action for all its scope and consequences.

Users understand and agree that in order to optimally operate the site, renew its update, development and supervision, the site administrators or those authorized by them are required to review all content and user information as provided by it and monitor all activity taking place on the site, in any way they see fit. Including "cookies" and similar means.

The site reserves the right and may prevent the publication or remove any content that in its sole discretion constitutes an exception to the terms of use of the site and / or any other reason it deems appropriate, without explanation or prior notice, and even disconnect and remove service from users even if paid for. If the user has financial credits left to receive the balance of services, the user will be credited by the site for the period of service due to him from the date of disconnection until the date on which the service was supposed to end. For the avoidance of doubt, if a user of the site publishes information that has caused damage to the site, other users or third parties, the advertiser and / or its senders and / or messengers will be solely responsible for the advertising damage and its consequences.

The users hereby give their consent to the site to send them messages, letters, and any other material necessary for communication between the site and its users. The site may transfer the personal details of the users to a third party and any other party according to the authority under the law for the purpose of collecting funds that they owe and / or in case of violation of the regulations.

It is hereby agreed that the court in Tel Aviv-Yafo will have unique jurisdiction in connection with these regulations and everything that derives from it and what is involved in it. 

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