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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Last Chance College, season 2, Netflix, director: Greg Whitley, Adam Ridley, 2022

Sometimes sport is a huge social instrument, which can change people's destinies. Huskies College, under the baton of John Mosley, a coach considered tough, but one that brings achievements, is a huge success at the world level.

The college is quite unknown and is not considered one of the best in America, but it has a special program. She recruits weak students from the streets, who are considered to have the potential to become top basketball stars and gives them a one-time opportunity. Instead of staying on the streets and degenerating into crime and drugs, they can realize themselves not in the dark corners but in front of an audience.

Along with training, they acquire academic skills and a degree, so that if they get injured or don't make it to the best league in the world, they can at least get a good job and change their destiny. Most of their friends ended up in prison, so you can say that basketball saved their lives. They go through a long and difficult process, because they have to shed a lot of papers and the gang culture they worship.

The series is described through interviews, documentary clips and a lot of beautiful basketball. She follows the process that the students go through, from brash and undisciplined individuals, to an organized and strong unit that threatens the college championship.

The characters are very interesting, the basketball is spectacular and the process itself is also fascinating. The story is fascinating and inspiring both in general and as a documentary program. We are exposed to one of the most interesting projects that exist in the world of sports. A combination of education and sports. We see how the academy can make a real contribution to the community and society. There is no doubt that this is a highly recommended series, which is both exciting and full of interest and action.


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