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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Who's Afraid of Santa, Director: Tommy Virkula, 2022

Along with the tradition of tacky and insufferable Christmas movies, there is at least one that is unbearably trashy and violent. Tommy Virkola is a specialist in violent trash movies, which take horribly stupid and shallow ingredients and make them into very good and fun movies.

The movie "Who's Afraid of Santa" is a pretty deadly combination of a lot of violence and light comedy, which constantly has happenings on the screen, even if they are quite horrifying. The plot follows Santa Claus (David Harbour), who is fed up with his world and is a chronic drinker, who is tired of visiting families through the chimney. However, he reaches a mother who stole three hundred million dollars from the United States government and a group of criminals who want to take the treasure from her.

Between the criminals and Santa, reinforced by a lovable girl named Trudy, a battle of wits takes place, which very quickly turns into a bloodbath. The movie "Who's Afraid of Santa" doesn't really have a sophisticated plot, but a lot of violence and flying limbs, seasoned with a Christmas atmosphere, which is really not like what is found on American television.

In light of the paucity of quality action and horror films in the cinema, the film "Who's Afraid of Santa" is an encouraging shot of energy for the holidays.

Those who like bloody horror films will find their high-quality steak in "Who's Afraid of Santa", a light film, a bit unsophisticated, but does the job.


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