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Film Review: An Unforgettable Christmas, directed by Janine Damian, 2022

The film "An Unforgettable Christmas" appears on Netflix as part of the Christmas movies that tickle and are light as a feather. You can watch them without thinking. There is some humor, beautiful actors and stunning views. Regarding the content - expected, but you can watch a rainy and snowy winter day and also enjoy it.

The film "An Unforgettable Christmas" marks the return of the well-known and lovable actress Lindsay Lohan. She plays the spoiled daughter of the rich Sierra Belmont, a daughter of the wealthy Belmont family. Christmas is coming soon and they are going to the mountains to celebrate. Her father - Burrard Belmont (Jack Wagner) goes away for several days on his business and leaves his daughter, her boyfriend Tad (George Young) and his assistants, who they promise to look after her.

Tad takes Sierra to the top of the snowy mountain where he pulls out a ring and asks for her hand. Out of excitement she slips and falls and hits a tree. Meanwhile, a humble and widowed innkeeper named Jack Russell (Cord Overstreet), who went on a tour with guests from his small hotel, discovers her lying on the snow, and when she wakes up it turns out that her memory has been erased. Until she discovers her identity, he picks her up at his residence, where he lives with his daughter Avi (Olivia Perez) and mother-in-law, mother of his late wife Alejandra (Alejandra Florez). They are nice and pleasant, but their lovely place is about to collapse due to lack of visitors.

In a few days, Sierra undergoes a transformation. They call her Sarah after one of my father's dolls. She learns to make her bed, clean toilets and even do laundry... all this, while trying to find out what her identity is and where she came from. Sarah suggests having a big party for Christmas and thus raising money for the place. The kind-hearted and philanthropic Jack refuses.

Meanwhile Tad tries to find the hotel they came from and makes a mistake on the way. He arrives without strength at a small house with an older man and they both continue to walk together and share food and a fire.

Sierra Bo's father returns from his travels and discovers that his daughter and her friend have been missing for about four days. He is angry and continues to look for them. Meanwhile, Jack and Sara/Sierra throw a big Christmas party and all the people in the village come and everyone gives him a sum for something good he did for him. This is how a nice amount of money was collected. Towards the end of the party Bo and Tad arrive and recognize Sarah as Sierra.

She returns to the hotel and is interviewed on TV and recommends Jack's hotel. This causes an increase in demand for the place and many call and book a place. Jack is sorry that Sierra left and on the advice of his daughter, Abby decides to go to the kennel and ask for her hand. Sierra refuses Tad and he leaves, but when she sees Jack and he reveals his love, she accepts him.

As mentioned, a movie without many spoilers, nice to watch and very easy. Candy for the upcoming Christmas.


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