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Film review: Christmas on the Farm, directed by: Debbie Issitt, 2022

Christmas is approaching and with it a bunch of movies that fit and tell about the holiday from different angles. One of the films is "Christmas on the Farm", which is suitable for the whole family and is a comical, optimistic and very enjoyable film to watch.

The hero of the film "Christmas on the Farm" is Matt Cunningham (Scott Granham), a workaholic widower in a real estate company, where the boss from hell, Miss Fletcher (Ashley Jensen) believes that one should be devoted to business and children should not interfere with them.

Matt has five children he is raising alone - Charlie (Ivan Scott), Violet (Faith Delaney), Buster (Dexter Sol Ansel), Lily (Madison Davis) and Rosie (Delilla O'Riordan). It is difficult for him to juggle between the exhausting work and raising the children.

One day the postman arrives and brings him a letter in which it is written that his father has passed away and bequeaths him his farm in the West Midlands, called "Mistletoe Farm". This suited Matt, as he had to submit a business proposal by Christmas and he thought the country air and atmosphere would help him formulate the proposal.

They arrive at the village and see that the farm is very large, full of animals and they meet Beano (Scott Page), who lived there in the barn, takes care of the farm and the animals and he introduces them to the place. It is a small village with a dedicated veterinarian - Miss Ashley (Katherine Drysdale), who helps with the care of the animals and also in Matt's love life, the school teacher, where only 2 children attended, Miss Nerys (Sydney Isitt-Ager) and other various and strange types, but all good hearted

Matt hates Christmas, but everyone decided to make him change his mind. The children are happy there, both because of the many animals and because of the non-conventional school run by Miss Neris, who believes that it is more important to learn from life than at school. They are determined to stay and convince their father who is stressed by the boss who keeps calling him and nagging him that it is good for them in the place and that is where they want to stay.

The movie is nice for the whole family and gives a good feeling, the characters are lovable and the place filmed is very beautiful and looks rural. Christmas has never looked so happy and cozy as in the celebration in the movie "Christmas on the Farm".


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