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Museum of London - historical museum

The Museum of London is next to St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a historical museum and describes the history of London in a chronological way.

The museum describes London from its beginnings, as a small town with shabby wooden buildings to the present day - as one of the most famous cities in the world. London has come a very long way, lots of crises, civil wars, epidemics, periods of famine, wars and more.

The museum consists of four floors, as mentioned in chronological order. It is completely accessible and even the disabled and those with mobility difficulties will find themselves walking comfortably through the museum. Children will also enjoy the museum, as there are also interactive exhibits, many reconstructions and interesting historical items. The representatives are accompanied by narration.

In the museum you can feel the special atmosphere that prevailed in London during the different periods. You can find there stories about Jack the Ripper, the novels of Henry VIII and more. Displays change from time to time and there is also a nice cafe.

A place of honor in the British Museum is occupied by the royals and their story is described at length and meticulously. The museum also has representatives of later periods, including the twentieth century up to the present day.

The place of the Jews is not absent from the Museum of London. Their important contribution to the city can be seen. A very exciting part of the museum is London during the Nazi era and the attack on it. We can feel the immense pride in the way Londoners stood in this difficult and challenging time.

The recommendation is to spend around 3 hours in the museum and you can combine it with other attractions that are nearby.

Museum address: London Wall, EC2Y 5HN, London

Opening hours: daily between 10:00 and 18:00. Closed on December 24 to 26.

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