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  • Lotan Diker

Queen Victoria - a strong woman in a changing world

Elizabeth and Victoria are the most powerful monarchs that the British kingdom has known throughout its years. Victoria was so influential that the era in which she was queen was named after her. She came to power at the age of 18 and reigned for 63 years, second only to Queen Elizabeth who is still on the throne today.

She was born in 1819, her mother Victoria was the dominant figure in her life after the death of her father when she was a baby. As was the custom these days, Ima mainly spoke German to her and so did the staff of servants. She did not get along with Victoria and the relationship between them was distant and correct, despite this she was a smart and creative girl and even wrote personal diaries. In 1837 she became queen after her mother's death, a role she would hold until she was 81.

She chose Prince Albert because of his appearance, which she particularly liked. Although they didn't get along on a personal level, she proposed to him and the two got married. Unlike Albert, who according to the writings was a good and pleasant person, the Queen had terrible tantrums and even hurt him on a personal level. Despite this, she loved him until the day she died and the two gave birth to nine children.

Contributing to Queen Victoria's mental problems was the fact that she was assassinated eight times. She was loved by many, but the assassination attempts did not stop. In 1861, Prince Albert died of typhus, which raged in Great Britain until the day she died. Victoria had not recovered from the death of her "angel".

Although Britain was at the peak of its military and economic power and managed to rule the countries in the seven days, the Queen's personal situation was not benign. Her son Albert, whom she called Bertie, was promiscuous, a womanizer and, above all, lazy. She tried to train him to be the perfect monarch but until the day she died, he chose to rebel against her and not follow the path she outlined for him. Part of her hatred towards him stemmed from the fact that before his death Prince Albert scolded him in a conversation that took place under a torrential rain, after the conversation he passed away from a high fever.

After her children she operated a network of spies and informers, which caused mutual hatred. They did not accept her lovers after Albert's death, and she tried to conflict between them and their families. One of her sons was Arthur, a nobleman who served in the army and had a physical resemblance to Prince Albert. He was the only one who was close to her and she trusted him with her most hidden secrets.In 1897 she fell ill and insisted on not being seen in public anymore. The reason why she was in a wheelchair and was very ashamed of it. Four years before her death she planned her funeral and the tomb estate where she would dwell forever next to her beloved Prince Albert. Finally in 1901 it happened, she fell into a coma from which she never got up. After her husband's death she wore only black, a symbol of her deep sorrow.

Ironically, the son Bertie didn't love became the heir to the throne, King Edward VII. He became loved and accepted by everyone, although he never received support from his parents. That's how the Victorian era ended.

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