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  • Lotan Diker

series review: I'm a Groot ,Disney Plus, Director: Kristen Lepore, 2022

We are in a unique boom of superhero movies that are turning the genre that was once only for geeks and weirdos into a mainstream that is making billions. The huge amount created a need to constantly invent new materials and be creative in order to retain the audience.

Like Pinocchio, Groot is also a boy made of wood who raises the world, only he is in a modern world and has no grandfather. Instead of a series full of action and explosions, the Marvel captains decided for some reason that the series should be short and funny stories from the life of young Groot.

Chapters do not connect to each other and each of them stands on its own. No, they don't connect to each other so don't expect that. Baby Groot was made tiny due to his sacrifice in the first film, so the series takes place between the two films in terms of timeline.

Despite his size, Groot seems quite happy with life. There are five episodes in total, all of them very, very short, about five minutes and they are quite funny. Sometimes he dances, blows leaves and solves mysteries in the spaceship.

It's a different series in the world of Marvel, it's very light and cute. She is unpretentious, light and many will like her cordiality. Others will feel that they would like more of the most beloved character in Guardians of the Galaxy, so it really isn't for everyone. Although half an hour, it is not a long time to briefly enter the world of Groot.


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