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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Rumble, Director: Hamish Grieve, 2022

In a world where monsters and humans live together, the monsters are giant wrestlers who enjoy boxing each other. The League of Monsters is the main attraction in the universe of the movie, there's really no reason why it's just like that. The monsters are quite fond of fighting each other and no one seems to mind the violence.

Winnie, a girl whose father was a monster trainer, decides to follow his path and become a champion. She decides to adopt a monster named Steve, who is of course lazy and doesn't really like to try. Like every sports movie in recent decades, the underdog will become a champion. It's an animated journey movie that we've seen thousands of times before and will see more in the future.

The strength of Rumble is in the invested animation, one of the most spectacular films made in recent years. The dubbing is also at a high level, at least in the English version. There are good jokes, a good pace and a very structured plot without brutal violence that would be very suitable for family viewing. Children and adults will fall in love with the beautiful characters that flicker on the screen.

Perhaps the only unexpected move in the film is that Monster Steve combines salsa dancing with wrestling. It is strange as it seems, in my opinion a puzzling move by the filmmakers. The characters don't really manage to touch the heart either, the emotion doesn't really penetrate the viewers. This is a fairly banal film that can be watched all the way through, but the animation makes up for most of the problems.

It can be watched on the various streaming services, although it does not fall short of most of the animated films screened in cinemas. There is a certain element of being missed here, it could have been more creative and touching, but overall Rumble is definitely a decent movie.


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