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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The Mystery of the Black Magician, directed by: Leonora Lonsdale, 2022

Two brands in the world of detective fiction are timeless and have been at the top of the television adaptation chart for decades, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. Christie manages to weave suspenseful plots with changing stars, centered on a murder in which everyone is a suspect.

The viewer or the reader is a partner in solving the murder mystery and there are many twists and turns that are the eternal magic secret. This time the hero is a wealthy businessman, Mark Eastbrook (Rufus Sewell), who married a young woman, Hermia Eastbrook (Kaia Scodelario), who does not really love him back. His first wife passed away and she is a kind of replacement in order not to be left alone.

One evening, a mysterious girl is found dead with a list of names in her pocket. The police find that some of those on the list died in mysterious circumstances and Mark, the businessman is also on it. It turns out that black magic and various women's interests are also involved, which he was in the romance with you. Now he has a mission, he must find who wants his death, before his name is also removed from the list.

The book came out in the 1960s and is now working as a mini-series, very British. There is a lot of mannerisms, dry humor and slow and winding tension. This is a rather old-fashioned series, which operates according to the rules of the genre and many parts of it are devoid of logic or feasibility in reality. On the other hand, it is fun, flowing and very organized in terms of what happens in it.

With Agatha Christie what is very delightful is the ability to guess and be disappointed who the murderer is. Those who like detective puzzles and failed attempts to identify the assassin and their motives can really enjoy "The Mystery of Black Magic". Others will find another binge to enjoy.


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