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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Love Is Blind, Netflix, Creators: Chris Cullen, Allie Simpson, Eric Detwiler, 2022

In the series "Love is blind" for the past three seasons, couples have been getting married blindly after trying all the options and not succeeding. They get engaged before they meet. In total - 30 singles are single and go through a whole process in order to find the one or the other.

The series "Love is blind" is a long-standing social experiment that tries to prove that the meat market of apps is completely ineffective. The couples come from Dallas, one of the most romantic states in the United States, with a high percentage of bachelors and bachelorettes. The television channels recognize the weakness of the public to find love, so they bombard with formats of all kinds and species.

Unlike the Israeli version, in the United States they are stuck in a luxury apartment together with other couples, after going through an initial round where everything works. The current season is a fun and fast-paced season, full of events and challenges, like a good reality show that needs to be seen. There is no waste of energy on unnecessary couples, but only on those who have proven that there is chemistry between them.

Even so, some of the couples are quite shocking and uninteresting and their relationship looks like a train wreck. All in all, this is a really successful season that manages to bring only good and interesting moments thanks to smart editing.

Anyone who likes reality TV will easily fall in love with the program that has already been successful for three years and has a loyal audience all over the world.


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