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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The War for the House, Netflix 2021 - 2023

Netflix decides to go all out on the world of anime, which it sees as a locomotive that will bring cool young people to watch its content. The jokes are part of short episodes, presenting a kind of slapstick jokes that are not very original, but for some reason manage to be funny.

Tatsu (Kenjiro Tsuda) was a high-ranking yakuza who murdered, sold drugs and was really evil. But it has happened before. Since then he got married and became a lovable family man, whose wife has a crush on him and makes life in the yakuza a rosy dream of the past.

Tatsu decides to be a householder and do all the chores. Despite the temptations that lie in wait for him and the group of housewives who pretty much hate him, he still insists on doing the chores and sticking to them. The situation is addictive and funny for unclear reasons, but if we leave the interpretation aside, it manages to be enjoyable.

The style of the animation is unique and the Japanese seriousness of preparing a barbecue together with the ridiculousness of the characters, creates funny moments for the most part. The series "The War on the House" looks like a running comic and it is as beautiful as it sounds. Best of all, it's short and fun, just like Tatsu's laundry folding chores.

The series "The War on the House" has already released a second season that is no less successful than the first and even though household chores sound like a boring topic, those who love anime will be able to really enjoy it.

In the series "The War on the House" is hidden a successful surprise, a kind of gem hidden under all the mediocre series surrounding us recently.


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