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  • Lotan Diker

Animated Series Review: Paradise Police, Netflix, Creators: Roger Black, Waco Ogwin, 2022

Although in Israel disturbed animation series are less successful, in the United States they are part of the mainstream. They are disturbed, unsophisticated and more extreme than any other comedy with flesh-and-blood actors.

The series "Police Paradise" abuses the police with extremely virulent jokes, which follows the worst group of cops in an equally crazy town.

The characters are caricatures of everything that is broken in American culture. A jovial cop who likes donuts and African Americans who can only talk about basketball. The main character is Kevin, who wants to be like his policeman father, but he doesn't expect how delusional and unsuccessful the station is.

The animation is in the style of many other animated comedies, but so extreme that sometimes you'll feel bad about yourself laughing. From jokes about fat people and disabled people to everything that is politically correct. The characters are abused and not really protected, but that's okay, it doesn't bother them.

In the series "Paradise Police" it is difficult to connect with the characters because they are so stupid, but this is also the secret of the strength of the series - it does not screw up. There isn't really a central plot line, but a lot of jokes, which combine into an episode with a lot of different lines, which are not really related to each other. Some of the jokes are really stupid, others are more successful, so this is a series for people who love uncompromising extreme humor. Others will lose interest faster than expected.


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