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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: The Big 4, Netflix, Director: Timo Gianto, 2022

A family of assassins, which includes four experts in murder (Potry Marino, Ari Kretting, Martino Liu, Michel Tahlia), wants to avenge the murder of their father by a mysterious assassin, who always manages to slip away. Surprisingly, they end up with an excellent and honest policewoman (Avimana Ariastia), from whom the killer always manages to slip out of her hands at the last moment.

The movie "The Big 4" is a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. He is funny and brutal at the same time. Exploding heads in abundance, full of kung fu and other strange and bloody ways that people die. This is an Indonesian film, acting like an American, a surprising representation of unfamiliar cinema.

In the movie "The Big 4" there are many characters who are played quite reasonably, they are strange and violent at the same time. It doesn't have much sophistication and the plot is really the least important thing here, it's just action in its purest form, violent and crazy.

Those looking for something deeper will be very disappointed with the film. It doesn't have much depth and the dialogues are really not its strong point. Despite this, it has a rhythm and high and a lot of sections that will make you wow. It manages to look shiny, even though a lot of money wasn't really invested in it.

It's hard to say that the movie "The Big 4" is an excellent movie, but it finds a niche for itself and manages to do it well. He is very picky about what he can provide you from the first minutes, so the decision whether to endure the excessive length of over two hours will come at a very early stage.


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