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  • Lotan Diker

Documentary Film Review: My High School Genius Friend, Director: Jono McLeod, 2022

Some people use their feverish minds to fraudulently spend money and benefits, it's immoral, but it's excellent film and documentary material.

The movie "My genius high school friend" describes a very smart man from Canada, Brandon Lee Jr., who is 30 years old, who arrived at the prestigious high school in Glasgow and assumed a fake identity.

He looked grown up and different from other 16 year old boys and indeed he was. Brandon was a genius and a scientist, but also one who hid a lot of secrets and a dubious background.

The film "My genius friend from high school" recreates the wonderful atmosphere of the 90s and creates a suspense story through animation and in-depth interviews.

The movie "My genius friend from high school" did make the news because it was simply jaw-dropping. A life-changing discovery that to this day affects the lives of all those who were involved, even though they are already adults.

The movie "My genius friend from high school" is not a violent or shocking documentary, but simply a good story, with surprising twists, that anyone can enjoy and connect with the characters who experienced a trauma that changed their world.


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