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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: DC League of Super Pets, Director: Jared Stern, 2022

On paper there is a wonderful idea here: the heroes of DC face an enemy they cannot overcome, and their replacements are their pets. They unite against a vulture with telepathic powers that may seem harmless but is very dangerous.

A super league of dubbing was recruited for the film, truly a first line of stars. From Dwayne Johnson to Kevin Hart, no less than a hundred-million-dollar budget was raised for the film. The star is a Labrador who happens to be Superman's dog, who first appeared in a 1955 comic book. He forms a sort of group of pets with superpowers under his leadership.

The animals will have to find the unifier between them to fight the dangerous threat that is the ambitious whistler. Some of the animals will lose their powers and others will gain superpowers, they will have to deal with the change. Next to the subversive and brilliant ideas, the execution is banal and lacks luster. The jokes are not funny enough and there is not even an attempt to appeal to older people who come with the children.

Alongside a lovable attempt to appeal to soft children and introduce them in a comfortable and smooth way into the world of superheroes, there is a mediocre and not original enough performance. There is a very clear appeal to the target audience who are small children, who do not allow subversive jokes or sophistication to enter the film. There is a lot of potential, it's a shame that the execution is careless.


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