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Documentary Movie Review: The Falcon Rescuer, Director: Annie Kempfer, 2021

In the past falcons were used by the nobility for a reputed sport. To this day there is a profession - in Zaire, a falcon expert. Studies are not simple, you have to meet commitments and persevere in the field. The documentary "The Falcon Rescuer" describes the special and fascinating life of Rodney Stotes, an expert painter. Rodney began his life as a troubled child and teenager, and even engaged in drug trafficking.

Asked to improve his ways, he joined several other people who were in his condition in the Maryland area, and as a second chance they were given proactive work in the rivers - collecting materials that people threw into the river and thus blocking the water. Among other things, car tires and more. The work connected them, especially when they lived together. They were 8 men and a woman, who lived in a separate room. One day they were found murdered by their landlord. Two more of the gang were later killed. The change in Rodney began when he accidentally found an abandoned and injured falcon and began to treat it. This led him to learn about birds of prey and specialize in it. He became an expert in the field. Rodney received a plot of land in the Washington DC area. And son of a shelter for injured birds.

He decided to help troubled teens who reminded him of himself. He is a member of a group of teenagers who dropped out of high school and gave them another special opportunity, which is not available in other settings. He began teaching them how to care for injured birds of prey and together we built on the plot of land bird cages and even a small museum in the field. Inside the museum he placed ads with the names of his friends who had been killed and dedicated it to them. The film shows that one can make a positive correction in life and even pass it on. Rodney has improved himself and is now calm and positive towards society. He took care to improve boys who were in his condition and with great patience and with love gives them hope for their lives later on and a positive outlook on themselves, which they had not previously received from their environment.


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