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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Elysium, Director: Neill Blomkamp, 2013

Unlike many science fiction films, the film "Elysium" has a difficult message of what is supposed to take place in our future in 2154. Already in our time there are differences between the rich and the poor, but, according to the film, in the future there will be a complete separation between them and life will be in completely separate places.

While most of the normal population lives on Earth in filth and filth, with incurable diseases and many of them die, those living in Elysium, which is a kind of upgraded space colony, enjoy a life of abundance, which has enough knowledge to cure all diseases and prolong life.

On Earth lives Max Da Costa (Matt Damon), who was a thief in the past and returned to the beneficiary. He worked as a production worker in the factory, but a malfunction that resulted in him being exposed to radiation put his life at risk and he was given only 5 more days to live. The only thing that can save him is getting to Elysium, where they know how to treat his problem.

Minister Delcourt (Jodie Foster) also lives in Elysium, who forcibly stops the arrival to Elysium, and is helped by Kruger (Charlotte Copley), the head of the secret agents, instead of thwarting any infiltration of the inhabitants of Earth into Elysium. Elysium President Fatal (Faran Tahir) opposes this, and Delcourt plots to get rid of him and become president in his place.

There are many spoilers and suspenseful moments in the film, and in the end good wins and all the inhabitants of the earth become residents of Elysium.

The movie is successful and the actors are excellent. But, there are several problems, since we know the characters in the current period and there is no reminder of their past lives. An exception is Max, who has several flashbacks from his past. The bad guys in the movie are not convincing enough and we are not sure why he became an evil villain.

On the other hand, the scenes are mostly very interesting, there are many exciting and fascinating action sequences. We can really imagine what our lives will look like in the future for better or for worse, so the film provides the degree of excitement and is worth watching.


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