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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, directed by Guy Ritchie, 2023

I like Guy Ritchie, even if not all his movies are on the same level, they are still stylish and original.

In the movie "Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre" we follow a special task force whose goal is to stop the sale of arms, which could endanger the world. They have a lot of cool gadgets and are very sophisticated and intricate.

Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) is Britain's greatest warrior and spy. He recruits a Hollywood star named Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett) to get close to a billionaire billionaire star named Greg Simmonds played by Hugh Grant, who intends to sell advanced equipment to countries that could endanger world peace.

The plot is very simple, there are good and there are bad. This is an action comedy, which returns to an extinct arena, which is full of horror films and superheroes. There is a lot of blood and dry British humor, everything follows the rules of the genre. He lacks Richie's sophistication, which has so characterized him throughout his career, but rather the simplicity does him more good than bad.

It must be noted that the film "Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre" is very unrefined and sophisticated, entertaining, entertaining and predictable. There is no doubt that this is a product, the whole purpose of which is to sell and make the audience enjoy at the expense of drama, twists and unnecessary brutality.

There are no longer many entertaining products, like the comedies of old, which produce funny scenes as well as violence. Those who are tired of today's cinema world, which is very conservative and predictable, will be able to flex their nostalgia muscles and enjoy a film that is adapted to the cinema and offers a very light and unburdening experience.


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