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  • Lotan Diker

Documentary Review: Take Your Pills: Xanax, Directed by Amy Blair Foster, 2022

Xanax is an anti-anxiety pill, considered strong and for severe cases. It is distributed to millions around the world and especially in the United States, alongside a serious increase in cases of depression and psychosis.

The documentary "Take Your Pills: Xanax" presents an interesting discussion of experts and patients about the serious and positive consequences of the pills.

The Xanax pill breaks down quickly in a few hours and is very addictive. Its effect is very positive, but involves many side effects. For example: it can create very severe anxieties alongside moments of transcendence and a particularly excellent mood. It has good and bad sides and it was mainly intended for a few months in the past and is now used for many years.

In the documentary "Take Your Pills: Xanax" a fascinating discussion takes place alongside moving testimonials from users. The experts present a very large range of opinions, so there is no clear answer here as to whether it is worth using or not. It definitely reveals the price of taking it, it is highly addictive and creates dependence.

As long as the drug is taken in a controlled amount it is safe, but if taken every day and in uncontrolled amounts, it can cause psychotic attacks, which greatly complicate life. It also greatly improves the quality of life for large groups, so it is difficult to give a clear answer.

The documentary "Take Your Pills: Xanax" creates a fascinating and important discussion, which reveals to the public the prices and benefits of taking the pills. It is not provocative, but creates an academic and serious discussion alongside heartbreaking stories, which cause further reflection and thought.

The documentary "Take Your Pills: Xanax" is worthy of viewing and further thought for the entire public. Every person may encounter difficult periods and must consider whether to take the medicine according to the doctor's instructions and in a clear and informed manner.


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