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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Song of the Crayfish, Director: Olivia Newman, 2022

One of the most successful suspense books in recent years, "Song of the River Crabs", is adapted into a film.

The movie "Song of the Crayfish" begins with a mysterious murder investigation, which revolves around the murder of a football star by a mysterious woman named Kaya (Daisy Edgar Jones), who lives in a swamp. But the point is mainly an exploration of human nature and not a crime drama.

The movie "Crayfish Song" explores the main character's relationship with various men in her life, which tries to show viewers that life is mostly complex and not simple. The movie "Song of the River Crabs" presents the wild, uncontrolled south as a place that really brings out the true nature of humans. The movie "Crayfish Song" contains a lot of criticism about racism, violence, discrimination and other dark points in the human psyche.

There are points about the human spirit and its desire to survive in an impossible environment. We are exposed to the fact that the heroine grew up for ten years alone, in almost inhumane conditions. We are following the lost girl and above all we want her well-being and success. This is the essence of the film before us. Throughout the film we will be exposed to her growing up process, we will be moved and we will want her success.

However, there are a number of problems with The Song of the Crawfish. First, it is not free from kitsch, historical distortions. It includes many events from the book, but omits others and creates a somewhat confused and messy script.

Along with the problems, the movie "Song of the Crayfish" has good acting and interesting cases, which can only happen in the swamps of the wild American South.


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