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Movie Review: I'll Be Home at Christmas, Director: James Brolin, 2016

James Brolin plays another Christmas movie "I'll be home for Christmas" and also directs. A lovable film, about an older man, Jack (James Brolin), a retired police officer, who comes to visit his daughter on his way to visit other places. Jackie Foster (Mana Subari) is a single mother to a lovely daughter - Gracie (Giselle Eisenberg) and serves as an attorney, assistant to the district attorney. She has a wealthy partner - Rand Edwards (Jacob Blair) and she thinks she's happy. The arrival of her father, whom she calls by his first name - Jack, is a predator and changes her life. It arrives towards Christmas and charms all the people of the town. Jack plans to leave before Christmas, but Grace convinces him to stay until after the holiday. He hangs out with her and they buy Christmas decorations and Jack finds his service dog - Noose, adopts him and brings Jackie to her house. Grace immediately falls in love with him, but he does a lot of damage. It turns out that Rand is allergic to him, and Jack's former partner, Mike Kelly (John Reardon), likes him. The dog helps catch a thief who has just been released from prison, disguised as Santa Claus, who accuses innocent people of planting evidence of his thefts. Jack's arrival opens old wounds, about Jackie's childhood and her father's demanding work that caused him many absences from home, the death of her mother and his subsequent disappearance. They confront the past and also confront the present, much mediated by Grace. Jackie realizes that her partner Rand is not the same person she believed in. He is from a very wealthy family, who purchased the old fire station, where charity evenings were held for the poor, as at Christmas. They wanted to destroy and build as they wished. Jack with the help of Mike discovers their plot and Jackie confronts him, causing him to back down from his intentions and leave the station as it is. Jackie breaks up with Rand, but Mike waits for her and soon grabs her heart. Jack is waiting for Christmas and brings presents to Jackie and Grace - exactly what was expected of him, among other things Jackie also gets a big dollhouse, which she really wanted as a child. This closes the circle, and Jackie asks Jack to stay, because this will be the best holiday gift for her and Grace. The film is likable and optimistic. Great play, especially by James Brolin.

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