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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Emily, Director: Frances O'Connor, 2022

In the 19th century, the literary sensation was Emily, that is the famous writer Emily Brontë, a woman who disguised herself as a man and published literary works, which were adapted into countless bestsellers. She died at a young age from tuberculosis and not much is known about her life, except that a screenwriter, this being her first work, decided to adapt a piece about her.

The movie "Emily" is a biography of Emily Brontë (Emma Mackie), which follows the writing of the work "The Groaning Heights", a book that has been known for decades. The biography is inaccurate and somewhat fictional and follows her fictional life, including falling in love with a handsome priest (Oliver Jackson Cohen), who visited the family home.

Unlike similar films in the genre, which fall into clichés, the film "Emily" manages to maintain a reasonable level of kitsch-free logic. It is a cohesive and quite enjoyable work, which manages to create a successful drama for all audiences.

There are a lot of metaphors, but also sensuality in the movie "Emily". The main relationship between the priest and Emily is very instinctive and expresses power relations, which are more suitable for today. There are many spectacular nature photographs and an in-depth analysis of relationships between people, about the sacrifice of the partners for a secret affair and the environment that is constantly trying to sniff out and exile.

The movie "Emily" is a sophisticated and delightful movie, but mainly belongs to an audience that likes quality movies, which is relatively limited. It is not overly flattering and therefore will not become a blockbuster. He reveals to us many details about the process of creation and love between human beings, without falling into the pitfalls that many films fall into.

The movie "Emily" is definitely worth watching before it disappears, one of the few quality movies coming to Israel in recent years.


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