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Film Review: Holiday Generosity, Director: Alice Light, 2022

The movie "Holiday Generosity" is another movie of Christmas movies. This time he portrays a woman named Jamie Monroe (Jenny Garrett), a wealthy widow who lives with her cousin Kylie (Emily Tennant) and her husband David (Blair Penner). Jamie was widowed five years ago and hasn't had a relationship since. Kaylee and David inform her that they are moving after the holidays to Seattle, where they have been offered a job. They recall that Jamie's late husband was a very generous man and before Christmas had given much to the community. This brings back memories for her and also gives her an idea.

Jamie begins to donate, and the first thing - a beautiful Christmas tree in front of the poor municipality of Cooperville, which could not afford this purchase either. After that she also helps the poor and needy family and more. The people mostly do not know who did these acts of kindness and gave to the mysterious benefactor of - "Secret Santa".

Jamie confesses to her friend and secretary Colleen (Bernwyn Smith) in "Copperville Trips" that she is in charge of her actions and that she is actually Secret Santa, and she wants to join in the actions. She helps her and is joined by Kylie and David, who also learned the secret.

Meanwhile, Scott Morris (Cameron Matheson) works at the TV station, and he learns about the secret Santa thing in Cooperville. He decides to investigate the matter, arrives at "Copperville Tours" and takes a tour of the town and meanwhile Jamie takes a liking to him and they start dating. Each time he reports another act of kindness, but doesn't know it's Jamie, until she eventually confesses it.

These actions, which received great exposure on television, attract more and more good people and many donors. The holiday becomes a wonderful holiday for everyone.

In the end the acts of generosity paid off for Jamie, as she met Scott and their love blossomed. A cute and optimistic movie, very suitable for Christmas movies. Jenny Garrett has grown up since her Beverly Hills 90210 days, but she still looks good for her age.


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