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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Licorice Pizza, Director: Paul Thomas Anderson, 2021

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the directors you would not expect from a sticky romantic comedy, but despite the high expectations in the movie "Licorice Pizza" he succeeded above and beyond. The person in charge of movies like "It Will End in Blood" does it again. The background is the seventies, in a town in the United States a 25-year-old girl named Elena Kane (Elena Chaim), does not really know what she wants from herself and life. She works casual jobs and connects with a fifteen-year-old boy named Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman), a focused boy with a shrewd businessman sense. The twenty-five-year-old woman and the boy break into a surprising affair.

The film contains all sorts of anecdotes and colorful stories about growing up. Along the way we will meet lots of colorful characters, who will add spice to the plot. Ranging from characters of aging alcoholics, past stars and families who never cease to surprise and interfere in the characters' lives. The film ranges from casual situations, to innocence, humor and fine acting. It describes a complicated political period and a different scale of values ​​from today. "Licorice Pizza" pays great homage to the period, with an accurate and perfect reconstruction of every detail. The film is a nostalgic love song for the days that passed six decades ago and will not return. To innocence, to people, to songs and to heroes who are no more.

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