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Film Review: Noel's Diary, Director: Charles Shire, 2022

Another movie from the flood of Christmas movies that is upon us, and this time a movie with a slightly more interesting plot and good actors. The movie "Noel's Diary" tells about a well-known and well-known author, who wrote many bestsellers named Jacob Turner (Justin Hartley), who has many book launches and many rehearsals, but at the end of the day prefers to return to his faithful dog Eva and has never fallen in love.

Before Christmas, a lawyer called him to inform him that his mother had passed away and left him her house as an inheritance. Jacob, who left the house at the age of 16, about twenty years ago, after being thrown out of it, arrives at the house and sees that his mother was a compulsive hoarder. He starts throwing things away and also remembering his past and his life as a teenager, including the old piano he used to play.

Among other things, he found a box with his mother's personal belongings, including an old diary of the devoted nanny he had in his youth named Noel (Azens Atkins). While he was working, he saw a beautiful young woman standing across the street and looking at the house. It turns out to be Rachel (Bart Doss), Noel's daughter, who was given up when she was born to an adoptive family. Now she is looking for details about her mother and they embark on a joint journey to find Rachel's past and mother.

Neighbor Eli (Bonnie Bedalia) still stayed in the same house near Jacob's childhood home. She tries to help him and Rachel remember Noel. She also makes sure to bring them food when they are home. She also directs Jacob to his father, who might help them.

The journey leads them to Jacob's father, Scott Turner (James Remar), with whom he lost contact many years ago. He lives alone with the memories of Jacob's brother who was killed as a child. They talk and reconcile. Jacob manages to locate Noel and she expresses her desire to meet her daughter.

Jacob has fallen in love with Rachel, and is interested in her company, but Rachel tells Jacob that she is engaged. She declares that she does not love him, which is not true, but in the end they fall in love and stay together.

A pleasant Christmas movie to watch, good acting by the actors. The happy ending in the movie in the end.


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