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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Saving souls, director: Bartosz M. Kowalski, 2022

Recently, Polish cinema manages to release excellent films, dealing with horror and horror with a refreshing and dark approach.

The movie "Saving Souls" is a horror movie, which follows the path of the greats and manages to do everything right in the episodes. He follows a policeman posing as a monk named Mark (Piotr Zurabski) and discovers a truth he really doesn't want to see.

The movie "Saving Souls" is a movie that follows plots that we have seen many of before. You can even guess with a high degree of success what will happen in five minutes. But the atmosphere, the cinematography, even the gloomy effects, are impeccable.

Netflix's Polish film "Saving Souls" is on par with the best American films.

He is not too exciting, you need time to devote yourself to him. But, as soon as you pass the first twenty minutes, it starts playing in your head and slowly penetrates into your thoughts and then its chilling effectiveness increases. To a large extent, it reminds "The Name of God" with the legendary Sean Connery. It also has a dark monastery and a series of creepy events and an investigation that leads in unwanted directions.

Only that "Saving Souls" is much grayer, depressing than bouncy and monstrous. It doesn't really have characters that you can identify with and wish for their success, it is mainly aimed at the lowest human denominator, but it is mostly impressive and magnetic.

No doubt horror fans will enjoy this black candy. It's pretty under the radar and doesn't get much attention, but definitely worth a watch.


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