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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The Devil's Hour, creator: Tom Moran, 2022

Halloween is the happy hour of all conspiracies, demons and series with original ideas. The series "The Devil's Hour" is another series about contact with the devil, possessions and other things, which make horror fans happy.

This time it's about a social worker named Lucy (Jessica Rein), who wakes up at 3:33, exactly the devil's hour, because if we do the math we'll get to 666. Of course it's no coincidence, she also mixes the cocktail with flashes, a sense of schizophrenia, And in addition - her son (Benjamin Cheevers) with the creeping look of a devil and other scary things.

If that's not enough, then a series of murders arise in the town and are investigated by a handsome policeman, Gideon (Peter Capaldi), whose suspicion reaches into the realms of the supernatural. So our heroine starts to get involved in the case and it leads her to places she doesn't want to be.

The series "The Devil's Hour" is a reasonable suspense series, with many brutal scenes, mysterious twists and startling and jumpy effects. It has good action, nice gameplay, but everything is quite predictable and very unoriginal and taken from dozens of horror series, which have already been seen in dozens of previous Halloweens.

The movie "The Devil's Hour" with an interesting idea, but a less successful execution. Is it worth watching? Yes, without too high expectations, for passing time when you want to be a little scared.


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