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  • Lotan Diker

Documentary series review: The Early Apocalypse, starring: Graham Hancock, 2022

Graham Hancock is a best-selling author all over the world, a journalist who has a theory, which he has been trying to market for many years. Many archaeologists scoff at its existence, but he insists on its credibility. Netflix decided to make a show based on his theory, which some scientists in the world think is true.

This is an opinion that is a little weak, but at least interesting. She claims that there was a flood tens of thousands of years ago, which buried an advanced civilization, which disappeared under the mountains of water. Indeed, the story of the flood appears in every ancient culture and also myths about a terrible disaster, which occurred over ten thousand years ago.

Most researchers write that at most five thousand years ago the agricultural settlement began, while Hancock thinks that our ancestors were not small hunters, but builders and part of a much more advanced culture. In other words, he challenges all conventional scientific thought, even though he is not part of academia.

Through a journey around the world, he reaches archeological sites and talks with scientists, who like him claim that there is much more than is commonly thought. He brings evidence, some of it interesting, others in my opinion rather flimsy, that support his words. It's an interesting world-wide journey, although it's hard to connect with all the claims he makes, it's still nice to see a person trying to challenge or change the mainstream way of thinking.


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