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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Attorney Woo, Creators: Yoo In Sik, Yoon Ji Won, 2022

The South Koreans have been creating successful series for several years. At first it might have been thought that The Squid Games was a one-off blip, but other shows have proven it to be a powerhouse of content in the making. The series "The Attorney Woo" succeeded in dethroning excellent programs on the way to being the first in Israel and in various places in the world.

The series opens with a heartbreaking revelation, the little girl Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) is high-functioning autistic and her family thinks she will never achieve. However, impressive abilities in reciting entire paragraphs from sentence books at a young age, prove that she has great potential. Like other series dealing with autism, the protagonist has extensive knowledge, a sort of genius in his field. He is socially limited, but he has a lovely heart and positively influences his environment. The series "The Good Doctor" is a wonderful example of a kind of hero, an excellent doctor, with special needs.

One of the problems of the "Attorney Woo" series is the presentation of autistic people only as charming, smart and too successful, and if I may add, then Attorney Woo is especially beautiful. Her father (Jeon Bae Soon) is also a special character. He studied law, but did not finish when his daughter was born, and he shows endless love to her. But, he is aware and talks about the difficulties of raising a girl with special needs. Unlike the American series, there is no attempt to beautify reality, but to present society as one that discriminates against people with special needs and rejects them from sources of employment and makes it difficult to choose a relationship.

The actress is not autistic, but acts wonderfully, including her movements, speech, fear of new things and more. Despite this, she works at a leading law firm - Nevada, and one of the lawyers (Kang Tae Oh) falls in love with her, and despite the resistance she encounters, difficulties they experience, including biological terror, love wins in the end.

Along with the criticism, there is also a lot of empathy and understanding towards the heroine and her difficulties. There is a certain softness and forgiveness and the difficulties she faces. Korean society is very traditional and finds it difficult to accept the different and the special, so it is important to also show the strengths and advantages of people with special needs.

Although the series "The Attorney Who" is a bit clichéd and sometimes falls into stigmas and over-optimism, it still does a good service. Attorney Wu is a charming character, easy to identify with, she is a kind of hero with special needs, in an entire community that can stand behind her.


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