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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Operation Christmas, Director - Martin Wood, 2020

The film - "Christmas Operation" is based on the long-standing tradition of the US Air Force, which began in 1952, of dropping gift boxes to the islands of Micronesia. Each box includes groceries, equipment and gifts weighing approximately 180 kg. In the run-up to Christmas, Parliamentary Assistant Erica Miller (Kat Graham) of Congresswoman Angie Bradford (Virginia Madsen) is sent to an Air Force military base on an island on the Pacific Ocean. It must check the conduct there, in order to find of problems so that they can close the base due to reductions. She arrives motivated and aims to do her job on the best side, because in return she is guaranteed promotion. To her surprise, she meets a charming and kind-hearted officer - Captain Andrew Jenz (Alexander Ludwig), who shows her the island, its beauty, and the help of the soldiers to the locals and also to the surrounding islands, which suffered from the weather and lack of money, essential for their survival. Erika is surprised by the conduct at the base, by the soldiers' volunteerism to help the residents as much as they can. She sticks generously and when visiting the island the electricity stopped after a storm and did not return because there was no money for the generator, and gives everything she had to the children, including the bag on it. She participates in Christmas celebrations, dives with a snorkel and sees the beauties of nature underwater, sees how 10 Christmas trees came in a way not through and for free. These trees were sold and with this money groceries are bought for the locals for the holiday. The highlight is supposed to be a drop in groceries to the islands, but there is a storm on the way. A miracle happened and the storm passed quickly, but when getting ready for the flights, Congresswoman Angie Bradford suddenly arrives, angry and grumbling. They join her on one of the flights and she changes her mind when she sees the importance of the operation. The film manages to convey the spirit of volunteerism and kindness of the soldiers. They do above and beyond and contribute to residents in distress. As mentioned, the Christmas operation has been going on for decades in the islands of Micronesia and has already become a tradition.

Players: Erica Miller - Kat Graham - was born on September 5, 1989, starred in the movies: Daddy Engages, The Vampire Diaries, On the Way to Her, Tupac and more. Captain Andrew Gantz - Alexander Ludwig - was born on May 7, 1992, starred in the movies: The Hunger Games, The Last Survivor, Bad Guys Forever and more. The congresswoman - Angie Bradford - Virginia Madsen - was born on September 11, 1961, starring in the movies: Hotspot, Candyman, Dune, Side Roads and more.

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