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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: The Chalk Line, Director: Ignazio Tatai, 2022

It is amazing to discover that within a few years, most of the leading content of Netflix are foreign series and films, which are produced in Spain and Germany. There are also of course from France and other countries, such as South Korea, but the trend is clear, the United States is not the main or exclusive content provider.

The levels of production and writing are definitely at a Hollywood level, with all kinds of highlights of the local culture, and the viewers mostly come out profitable.

The Spanish film "The Chalk Line" is a film that could have been released under any American producer and deals with a couple, Paula (Elena Anaya) and Simone (Pablo Molinaro), who bring into their lives a girl in distress, Clara (Eva Taniar), who will lead the woman to surprising discoveries, which she did not know and knowledge about her family.

Without giving away many details of the suspense and horror plot in the film "The Chalk Line", we can say that it is full of sharp turns, freezing brutal violence and excellent sound. Although the plot is neither unique nor innovative, it is definitely a quality production, which will make your blood run cold, along with a number of quality twists that will definitely surprise the viewers.

It is interesting to see the progress of the European cinema, which already manages to release Hollywood productions, which do not fall short of their parallels, for any reason. If "The Chalk Line" spoke in English, we certainly wouldn't be surprised.

The horror genre has definitely evolved as well, the movie "The Chalk Line" is full of twists with a lot of blood and guts and no dead moments that ruin the atmosphere and waste our time for nothing. The game is absolutely fine.

There is no doubt that the film "The Chalk Line" is worth watching, compared to other materials that come out at the same time. Definitely Netflix's brilliance.


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