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  • Lotan Diker

Halloween on Disney Plus: American Horror Story, Creators: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, 2011 - 2022

"Dahmer" was a huge success, even a unique cultural phenomenon that many watched and will watch. Ryan Murphy is a busy man, every few months something comes out under his hands. "American Horror Story" is his baby, the longest and most successful series. She has loyal fans, who have been following her for many years and still enjoy a new sickening theme every year.

So we are already in the 11th season of the series "American Horror Story". In his content empire, which has already become a kind of South Park of the horror world, it goes on and on without a break. So after a few strange and not really successful seasons in my opinion, he returns with a familiar twist, the clubbing scene of the gay world.

The 11th season of the series "American Horror Story" deals with New York in the eighties, a very dark place, which everyone has already made series about. It follows a serial killer and an equally deadly virus, who make names in the gay scene and kill people like flies.

Unlike previous seasons, Murphy takes a step back. It is less extreme and brutal, much more realistic and also finally introduces a lot of atmosphere and tension. It no longer looks creepy and strange, but becomes a legitimate series, which manages to successfully combine horror and suspense. The characters are also much more interesting, which makes it possible to connect with them and mourn their sadistic deaths.

The redirection of such an old and respected series as "American Horror Story", in my opinion, only does it good. It was already more parody than horror and now it's going back to its roots, better than most of its years.


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