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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Halloween the End, director: David Gordon Green, 2022

The legendary film series, which redefined horror films and the genre in general, decides to end the saga. The original film came out in 1978 and brought together psychopath Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle) with his nemesis, Laurie Strode (Jimmy Lee Curtis) for never-ending battles. After an endless series of struggles, she is already older, experienced and knows battles.

This time in the movie "The Last Halloween" we meet the next generation of Myers, Stroud's granddaughter - Alison Nelson (Andy Maticek), who meets a murderous guy, who has streams of hidden violence.

The movie "The Last Halloween" updates itself according to the gust of wind that is in America today. He no longer sees women solely as an object for amusement and cruel abuse. They are active and fighters, society is divided and there are new rules for the slasher genre, which began in the eighties. There is a great deal of fear, anger, division, and gun-toting citizens on every corner.

From time immemorial, horror films have expressed the fear of the different, an evil force that erupts over sins committed by humans. This time, instead of groomed suburbs and petty social vices, we have severe social problems, preventing the mob and the police from dealing with Myers. The residents are the law and they prevent the police from doing their job.

The new world of "The End of Halloween" is mostly disgust, severed limbs and a lot of erupting violence. There is no very interesting plot here, or too much sophistication, but a lot of thick, thick blood spilled in every corner. The film is full of passion, a kind of watching everything that scares and disgusts us. In this respect he does the job well.

A lot has changed since Myers' first film, especially the effects and cinematography. The basis is the same, a person with enormous powers and a great deal of sophistication pursues a group of people and names them.

The slasher world of the eighties is already gone and the genre is fading and it is only symbolic that its most distinct symbol will disappear along with it.

It's hard to call "The Last Halloween" a nostalgic film, but it definitely reminds of that bloody time. Watching is not suitable for everyone, but those who remain faithful to the genre will find the finale they were waiting for, very bloody but no longer as interesting as it once was.


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