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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: After Love, Director: Alim Khan, 2022

Muslim cinema is currently at its peak with many films showing less pleasant sides of life in the turbulent countries. It deals with the dark sides of the human figure, what we hide from those closest to us.

The movie "After Love" describes a woman named Mary (Joanna Scanlan), who lives a happy life with her husband Ahmed (Nasar Maarzia), but he dies and she rummages through his belongings. She reveals that he had a picture of a mysterious woman named Genevieve (Natalie Richard), has he been cheating on her all these years? She begins a cross-continental journey in order to find the right answers for her.

The movie "After Love" is a small drama about a journey towards the truth. It has small and charming moments that will surely move the viewers. It is a film with autobiographical features of the author, a kind of cinema therapy back to the roots of his life. Above all there is a huge question, which is the central narrative of "After Love", whether it is possible to forgive betrayal and disloyalty.

In the movie "After Love" there is a deep psychological journey, which raises difficult questions, but also gives clear answers. Those who love small and beautiful independent cinema, can connect with the film, even though it comes from a different culture, with people we don't necessarily know in our day-to-day lives.


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