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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Bullet Train, Director: David Leach, 2022

Brad Pitt recently announced that his days as an actor are numbered, and he must choose his projects carefully. The bullet train is a fascinating film with a cool atmosphere, which has a special vibe. It is true that there is an activity here that sometimes seems forced, but you can still definitely enjoy a summer refresher that has a breeze for the hot days.

The bullet train behaves like a TikTok video, rhythmic with never-ending computerized effects. He winks especially at the younger generation, whose patience runs out fast, like a long video clip full of frenzy. Lady Bug, played by Brad Pitt, has to steal a bag full of money from the head of the yakuza. Along the way he will have to deal with a variety of stylish types, from a young female assassin to a pair of Japanese looking for revenge.

Although the script itself contains very little logic, the action scenes cover up the confusion. They are full of blood and original brutality and cruelty. It's not one-time brilliance or a film that will be remembered for years, but it meets the expectations of a light refresher with wow moments every now and then.

There's a great cast that even includes Sandra Bullock, the acting shows are fun because everyone seems to love their roles. Despite the endless potential, this is a movie that is forgotten shortly after leaving the theater. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but Brad Pitt will have to wait for his next projects to leave a legacy.


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