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Movie Review: The Dual, Director: Riley Stearns, 2022

Mankind has always been fascinated by duplication, a double is our enemy and ultimate friend.

Sarah (Karen Sheila Gillan) is a woman that life does not always smile at; her boyfriend doesn't really love her, and she is addicted to movies and alcohol. One day she is told that she has a rare disease, so as not to cause suffering to her family she clones herself. However, she recovers and to decide who she or the clone deserves to live in, she goes into a brutal duel to the death.

The film is delivered with a sealed face, with a very black and absurd humor. There is a signature of the director, whose style is elegant and very cynical. The main character sings, always surprised by the situations she gets into, her reactions are the main comedic motive of the film.

The future United States looks cold and devoid of human emotions. A style of European cinema, cold and alienated really does not break Hollywood box office. He slaps the painful truth in the face, not always spectator-friendly and does not feel sorry for the actors who participate in it and especially for the main character who goes through a journey of anguish.

The film is very original and raises many philosophical questions. Not all ideas are addressed and developed enough, but they are interesting enough for us to observe. The idea that a person will be replaced, is original and manages to hold an entire movie. The idea that violence is not always a bad thing is also unique. This is not a perfect film, or a work that will make headlines, but it manages to be interesting at a time when it seems that too many directors fail to be original and interesting.

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