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Movie Review: Christmas in California, Director: Sean Paul Piccino, 2020

The movie "Christmas in California" was written by a couple - Lauren Swicard (Kelly) and Josh Swicard I Joseph).

The film begins with a misunderstanding that eventually turns into love, all in the shadow of the impending Christmas. Joseph was born into a wealthy and established family. He's a charmer and a lot of women have fallen into his trap, but Ha has not yet found the "one" for him. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and he has learned to maintain and operate them.

His father passed away and he grew up with his domineering and charismatic mother, who is very fond of money and tries to get as much as possible. One day Joseph was sent to the Napa Valley in California, a major place in the United States where wine is made from grapes and therefore many vines are grown, and the place is full of vineyards. Joseph's mother discovered a house with a large area, a distressed farm. The father died and the mother had a terminal cancer. The man who runs the farm is Kelly (Lauren Swicard), a young and energetic girl, and next to her her younger sister. They were waiting for a farm worker named Manny to run the farm and help Kelly.

The day Joseph set out to try to persuade Kelly to sell the farm, they also expected the farm to operate. Joseph arrives dressed simply, without a suit, and finds himself helping Kelly and her sister help calve calving. They decide he is running the farm and George decides to flow with them to build trust and then it will be easier for him to make the deal he intended in the first place. They call him Manny, after the name of the original farm assistant. Meanwhile, George asks his assistant to find Manny (David del Rio) and pay him for his silence and for helping George on the farm with jobs he has never performed. The deal is acceptable to all parties. George, currently named Manny, performs the farm work with the help and guidance of the original Manny, and meanwhile Manny lives with George's assistant, watching TV, playing computer games and drinking wine. He learns to taste wine and recognize what it is made of and becomes an expert.

Kelly's friend Conor (Gunner Anderson) suspects Manny - George and follows him. They confront the bar where Kelly works, but Conor does not give up until he discovers the truth. Meanwhile on the farm Manny - George is quickly adapting and liking the family, including Kelly's dying mother, Wendy (Amanda Datmer). He is invited to dine with them, repairing the motorcycle that belonged to Kelly's father, and even being treated to burgundy wine produced from the vineyards his father grew. The vineyards begin to recover and produce first green leaves. The wine is excellent and fine. George respects his assistant and Manny and they admire him.

George feels he is falling in love with Kelly, and decides to tear up the contract of buying the farm. His mother suddenly arrives at the farm and asks to persuade Kelly to sell her. George asks her to leave her alone. Kelly asks for time to think. After his mother leaves, George suddenly comes up with an idea, that Kelly will open up the subject of vines and wine, and even find an investor. She receives a large sum for the barrels left over from her father's days and more money for renting the place to grow the remaining vines. Her problems were solved. A nice movie for a rainy night in a warm and cozy house.


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