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Series Review: Baymax! , Disney, 2022

"6 Heroes" was a successful film both artistically and financially. He succeeded above and beyond expectations and introduced the world to Baymax, an incredibly round and cute medical robot. This time the series revolves around him, harassing passers-by and offering them medical treatment.

Each episode is a different story, which brings us face to face with a treatment refuser that Baymax treats in a generous but determined manner. He does not give up, is funny and does so in sophisticated ways. There is a message here for young children, that even if treatment is painful and unpleasant it is necessary. Some of the stories will touch the hearts of both adults and young people.

The episodes are short, it does not give time for side plots or too much depth. Everything is done quickly, which sometimes impairs our abilities to connect to the character and better understand its background. Beymax treats everything from allergies to menstrual cramps.

The six episodes are full of sugar and all good. They are incredibly sweet but also very short. Like any delicious cookie, here too the first season ends very quickly. Baymax is one of the cutest and most charming characters in the Disney world, this is not the last time we hear from the medical robot.

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