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Series Review: Kung Fu Panda: the dragon knight, 2022

More than a decade has passed since Kung Fu Panda went on the world air and not much has changed. His father is still a goose making noodles and dim sum, Pooh is a silly panda with amazing flashes, and everything revolves around self-search and inner peace. Not that it's necessarily bad, but anyone who has seen the previous films can give up the animated series if not a fan or under the age of 10.

For 11 episodes, Poe, and Knight from England chase after two weasels trying to obtain magical objects so they can take over England and the world. This time there is a slightly more complex plot, which includes magic and knights but is at the level of children in elementary school. The action sequences are certainly reasonable, although for some reason there is almost no connection to the movies other than Pooh Panda's father.

Sometimes there is excessive shallowness and jokes that are too low, even for children but overall, this is a fun series that deals with important issues. Self-searching, dealing with lies and a journey towards self-discovery, all very high-minded and very unassuming.

Anyone looking for a long series, each half-hour episode for a fun escape for their soft-spoken children will be able to find what they are looking for in the new episodes of Kung Fu Panda. This is not a masterpiece series, it also hardly renews anything for the fourth episode that is due out, but it is definitely easy to digest and very endearing. Less adults will connect to the milky adventures of the panda and the rather annoying chivalry that accompanies it, but children and even teenagers, will find a friendly and easy-to-digest series that does not require much thinking.


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