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Movie Review: Everything went fine, Director: Francois Ozon, 2022

A person's right to his life and death are in constant debate all over the world, whether life is a commodity that must be kept on guard. Unlike similar films, everything went fine dealing with the legal side and perhaps even the technical side of the action itself.

The French film "Everything went fine" is working on a timeline of about half a year. It all starts when Emanuel (Sophie Marceau) gets a phone call that her father had a stroke, along with her sister Pascal ( Geraldine Fais) she goes to meet 85-year-old Andre (Andre Deausolie). All the patterns of the father shatter before her eyes. From a lively man irritable and mindless to a tired and despairing man. At first, they are optimistic about the rehabilitation process but then they realize that there is no way out. Their father asks them to help him end his life.

The script is excellently written and very moving. It is detailed on the capillaries of emotion and is very realistic and real. Alongside this, the character of Andre the Father remains in the fog. On the one hand apparently in his youth he was an unbearable man and caused his daughter mental and physical harm and yet she risks her whole life for him. Her sister, who plays Sophie Marceau, is less noticeable. Nor are there really any psychological considerations or deep statements about life, many viewers could connect to the thought process.

Director Francois Ozon, no doubt masters the film with impressive skill. There are no unnecessary details and there is tremendous attention to detail. The acting itself is excellent of all the characters, an impressive casting of a magnificent cast. This is a very human film that deals with an unbearably heavy subject, in a humane and respectful way. Anyone who is willing to step out of his comfort zone and occasionally see scenes that undermine and create deep thought, should see everything passed in peace.


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