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Movie Review: Fortress, Director: James Cullen Bressack, 2022

After many years, the great action hero is about to hang his weapon for the last time. Bruce Willis, who starred in some of the big box office hits of the 20th century, has a rare disease and can no longer act. Due to financial problems Willis has been photographed for dozens of films, some of which do not match the actor's skills. Despite this, these new films are being disturbing all over the world

The plot is appallingly simple, although there are nice twists here and there and even philosophical statements. A group of arch-villains, breaking into a sort of guest house for the elderly who were retired agents. They want revenge on Willis, after years of rivalry. They leave a trail of corpses on the way, but of course the elderly agent returns a war.

Without Willis, it could be said that this is a type B film, and the story is over. But his presence raises some questions. Seeing that his playing ability is impaired, he speaks slowly and heavily. The action scenes, not one of the best we've seen, and the ridiculous thing is that he beats while sitting. This can be understood considering the deterioration in his condition, but this is not the last film that Willis would like to remember him by.

Alongside Willis is also Shannon Doherty, who is dealing with a not-so-simple medical condition and is participating as a naval commander. Despite the presence of both, the film suffers from cheap effects and poor acting. There are hundreds of films like a Fortress, which nothing sets it apart from being a sort of monument to Willis' acting career

It is a pity that Willis did not appear in better quality films, at the end of a career that had no less glorious moments. Fans of the actor will prefer to avoid watching this generic film, more than saying that it is incredibly mediocre .


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