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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Look Both Ways, Director: Wanuri Kahiu, 2022

Surprisingly, a romantic film intended for young people manages to be smart and invested. He does so, thanks to good acting and especially smart texts that flood one of the painful problems tearing the USA apart and that is the price that women pay for an unwanted pregnancy or the idea at an early age.

Natalie (Lili Reinhardt), a young animation enthusiast on the verge of admission to a prestigious college, unexpectedly becomes pregnant. So far, it's a plot we've seen in dozens or hundreds of other movies, but a clever trick by the screenwriter turns something that could be completely banal into a smart and fun movie. Two timelines open up, in which Natalie gets pregnant and in the other she doesn't.

The parallel worlds show us the degree of sacrifice and effort a woman has to go through when she chooses to give birth without preparation and at an early age. It overwhelms the viewer with a great deal of information and illustrates in a good and visual way what could have happened if the case had never happened. Despite the heavy subject matter, the film never falls into melancholy or self-pity and finally manages to show that even if sacrifices are made in the end there is also profit.

What is the value of a family and creating a life next to the price of developing a career and being single without any responsibilities. Both routes have a great deal of advantages and disadvantages and both lead to disappointments and joys. The film succeeds in illustrating that life itself has an excellent way of creating balances, even if unexpected events happen that change destinies.

Although it also has a didactic side, it is not preachy or overly righteous. He manages to handle a very heavy subject and is at the heart of a controversy, in a way that inspires respect, with empathy and even humor. It can be seen as family viewing and even have a preliminary discussion about it, there are very few films on Netflix that manage to do that.


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