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Movie Review: Sweet Fall, Director: Gary Yates, 2020

The movie "Sweet Autumn" is an optimistic movie, which raises a smile and causes an improved mood. The story is about Maggie (Nicky Delouch), who left the town where she lived and became a successful entrepreneur. She returned home after her beloved aunt Di (Henriette Ivanas) passed away and it was decided to read her will. Since she had not been in town for some time, she did not know Dex (Andrew Walker), who owned maple plantations and supplied her aunt's merchandise at her candy store. It turns out that she inherited half of the store and the other half was inherited by Dex and they both wonder what the reason is.

The aunt left behind letters that they had to open daily. The reading of the will coincided with the fall festival at the venue. Maggie and Max begin to get to know each other and at first their desires clash. Maggie sought to expand the business and Dex objected. Maggie is starting to get used to life in the place, especially since her sister also lived there and the people were very kind and hospitable. Of course she and Dex got closer and fell in love. One day came Jonathan (Michael Carl Richards), who was her partner and boss Maggie's previous workplace. She no longer felt close to him. But, they are planning together how to expand and expand their business to the whole country and maybe even more. A pleasant movie to curl up and watch on a cool day.


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