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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Paws of Fury, Directors: Chris Bailey, Rob Minkoff, Mark Kotsier, 2022

A dog with an incompetent sword arrives in a town and its people decide to make him the protector of the village. He fights against an army of barbarian cats, in an animated comedy for children. The film is loosely based on a film produced by Mel Brooks in the 1970s called Blazing Saddles, distilled for young people.

If you have seen Kung Fu Panda, then you can understand the spirit of the film. It is a combination of slapstick comedy, puns and irony. They try very hard and try to be funny, but it's rarely funny. There is no cliché that the film does not fall into from dozens of films you have seen before, at least Samuel Al Jackson is brilliant in the role of the legendary mentor.

This is not a particularly bad film, on the other hand there are not many extraordinary things in it. You won't be able to remember much of the plot, but the animation is nice and pleasant to watch. The children will enjoy the characters flickering on the screen and the non-stop fights between dogs and cats and the comic highlights a fat cat who is an expert in sumo.

Young children may also appreciate the film's crude jokes, which include bodily secretions and noises. Adults will sometimes smile at the nods to famous cinematic works, but there is nothing here that is beyond an hour and a half of mediocre humor and reasonable animation.


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