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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: The Nightmare House, Directed by: David Bruckner, 2021

The world of horror has changed a lot in recent years. The Slashers have given way to bouncy horror thrillers, riding on our most hidden fears.

The movie "House of Nightmares" touches on an important issue, which is the suicide of a loved one for no apparent reason. Rebecca Hall plays Beth, a woman who teaches, who has suffered a terrible loss and he - her husband's suicide. She begins to investigate the matter, discovers shocking revelations and eventually becomes haunted by herself. She embodies a character full of sadness and conflict, who touches within the exposed nerves of the psyche in a way that is both brave and disturbing.

"The Nightmare House," as its name implies, is not an easy movie to watch. He makes the best use of the tools at his disposal, from brutal and difficult-to-view images, to loud and disturbing music, alongside flashes that undermine the sense of reality. The movie "House of Nightmares" goes on the fine line between dealing with the natural, metaphysics, madness and mourning. Throughout the film we get conflicting clues as to whether an outside factor is really involved here or whether it is a woman who is losing her sanity. The investigation of the main character is destructive for her and her environment. She uses decisive tactics, but along the way she loses everything.

A film manages to present disturbing answers, alongside many blood-curdling and bouncy moments, which blur our understanding of what exactly the plot is trying to convey. Slowly, Beth loses her sanity and viewers do not know if what she is thinking and seeing is believable or not. The plot lines, unravel as the plot progresses, and manage to close in a logical and satisfying way. The conclusions that Beth reaches also seem to fit the plot line. The supernatural, the sounds and the psychology of the psyche converge to a satisfying ending, giving a worthy ending to one of the most frightening and disturbing films seen recently.


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